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socio-political perspectives

The Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law: Socio-Political Perspectives is a forum for progressive domestic entrenchement of the cosmopolitan values that has been going on for over six decades at the international plane which is an initiative of the Institute for Migrant Rights, an academic based initiative that emphasize the inadequacy of the prevailing models that tends to exemplify the State centrality in international issues. As the Institute noted in its founding document, "the traditional models of advocacy that predominate have produced very limited results in terms of actual government protection for this population [that] failed to link the international law and human rights." As a result, "[i]nternational mechanisms has rarely been used or considered neither by the activists or scholars." To support this pioneering undertaking, the Journal is intended to publish cutting edge multidisciplinary works that promote the introduction of cosmopolitan democracy in Non-western society that support the further acceptance of universal human rights protection beyond the conventional notion of the citizens' rights. Likewise, the main contention behind the establishment of the Journal is cannot be separated from the fact that that this kind of issues is largely neglected in the academic discourse on the legal development in the Global South that tends to be heavily dominated by the Statist perspectives. In particular, the very objective of the Journal's publication has an importance that goes beyond the traditional scholarship that centered around the issues of States’ interests. In light of the spirit of free inquiry, this publication is representing dynamics of diverse perspectives and approaches in legal and social sciences in general that contribute to the progress of humanizing process in the region and elsewhere. The importance of finding new directions in terms of furthering humane values might be best described in the plight of humanity as a result of the international flow of humanity that transcend State's boundaries.

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